More About Garlic

Today we will be pulling the last of the garlic. This year we lost some to root maggots which is not usual here. The pics below show what is left of the garlic still in the garden.

We made a drying tray for onions both (regular and multiplier) out of old fridge grates and scrap wood. If you want it to look fancy paint it in a couple of bright colors that match your yard.

We mostly rely on the multiplier onions which outlast, are better and stronger tasting than normal yellow or white onions, and have no bugs. Our seed for this is previous years onion bulbs which have been passed down in my husband’s family for generations.

Multiplier onions have a much stronger taste of onion so you need fewer for the same strength of taste. These plants grow anywhere, and look nice doing it. 

To the right are last falls multipliers. Slightly dried out but still edible and can still be planted one year later. These onions are almost indestructible, and tasty! Below are the multipliers in the ground.

Next, garlic.

After harvest we tie them in bundles and hang them in our lean-to open at both ends if it is not a rainy day for air circulation. As you can see, you do not need a fancy setup to grow your own food.

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