Making Crabapple Jelly

We make some kind of food out of every plant we have on our plot. This is just one of the things we did in the last month. The sieve is from the 40s and had been used by my husband’s mom for decades. We still use it as it was made in Canada and is the best thing we have come across for this purpose.

To make crabapple jelly put rinsed crabapples in a pot with enough water so that you can JUST see it when you look in. Boil slowly until the apples fall apart leaving just the cores.

Put into the sieve. Let drain and don’t stir if you want clear jelly. Crabapples have natural pectin so you don’t need to add any store bought stuff. Put the jelly into a pot with 1-2 cups more sugar than the liquid you have. BOIL hard for at least one minute – better to go at least five.

Pour into sterilized jars that you have boiled for at least 15 minutes. Let seal as they cool.

If for some reason it doesn’t jell, add a little more sugar and/or reboil. It should jell eventually.

There is no real way to know exactly how much sugar or how long to boil. We have even followed

pectin manufacturers instructions and some jelly did not jell. Do not panic.

ImageNow, we kept the pulpy stuff as well as the clear for jelly. It still tastes good and you make it into jelly the same way as the clear liquid. the picture shows clear on the right and pulpy on the left.

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