Make Your Own Garlic Powder

In years when a garlic harvest is poor many of the cloves can be kept anyway and used  to make garlic powder. Never throw away garlic that has dried out. If it is mouldy, that is a different story. Dried out garlic cloves make good garlic powder.

In the pic below you can see how much of the garlic is browning or blemished. Don’t let that fool you. It is still good.



Separate the cloves. Cut off the hard ends, rinse them na dry them. Then slice the cloves up into thin slices – not super thin but sliced. Put them on a flat surface such as a cookie tray or screen and let dry really well.

We use a homemade food drier to dry the garlic slices. You can find how we did that HERE.

Grind in”coffee” grinder.

Garlic powder and grinder

If you don’t let them dry all the way, they are still good. Whiz them up only part way and use them as garlic flakes. You don’t have to use a coffee grinder – use a small whizzer OR HAND GRATE. Works just as good.

Because we don’t know where the garlic that is in store bought garlic powder comes from (we do actually but we’re not saying here), spend a little time and save money making your own.


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