Urban Homesteading AND Junk Crafting.

So I had a bit of a break from the blogging and now I’m back. This fall and all the work we did made us unbelievably busy, and I slacked off on enjoyable things, like this blog.

There will be one small change here. This blog is dedicated to urban homesteading and now also reusing junk to make things you need, something I call “junk crafting”. Basically, it will mostly the same stuff only more intensive on the crafting part. But don’t worry, we are still homesteaders.

We are going to be putting a lot more effort into our YouTube channel as well. Those of you who need or want to work from home will understand that things like this could be one of the ways to make extra money. If you are working at home and able to do something you enjoy to make money, so much the better.

One of the things we did this summer that took up so much time was fencing in our entire 2 acre property for the dogs. We did reuse about half of the fencing that we found or had used somewhere else and took down. The rest had to be new purchases. The fence posts were mostly reused and found. You can see the fence on the right in the picture. Not only will this fence keep the dogs in but it keeps other animals and stray vehicles out! Happy Homesteading!


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2 responses to “Urban Homesteading AND Junk Crafting.”

  1. mylittlefarmintown says :

    We’ve been dong the same on mylittlefarmintown. Only we have been fencing a MUCH smaller area. I’ve been junk picking wire, finding it at garage and estate sales, and like you, reusing stuff. We are lining a split rail fence with the wire and are at the point now of putting in the last two gates. It already is keeping neighbor kids and dogs out (unless invited). Next year I hope to be able to let the girls out to free range (and eat ticks!) a few hours every day. Begonia

    • Homesteading101 says :

      Sounds great. It is such a relief not to have to worry about the dogs running onto the road (highway). Love that reusing !

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