Lessons Needed On HOW To Make Your Own Stuff

There is someone in own town who eats every meal at the local restaurants. It is either because she can’t cook or doesn’t want to. Either way, when a family member of Ernie’s from the big city heard about this, she was shocked and declared that she was going to start teaching her daughters ( 17 and 21) how to cook! Frightening isn’t it?

This got me to thinking. I believe that MANY are like this, unfortunately. It may contribute to lack of funds for certain people – having to buy everything you consume. Most likely the food will be processed as well.

On Sunday, I don’t work on the computer. I rest my eyes for one day. Instead, I did three things:

1. I made pasta/pizza sauce from scratch. All the ingredients were our own (fat, tomatoes, basil, garlic) except the salt. And you don’t even really need the fat.


2. I made a pizza. We had ingredients around the house already. We used a couple of wieners for the meat – nothing else was as quick, but they were left over from last year, so we used them. Not the most healthy thing but no wasting food, even wieners. We had cheese but only cheddar. It was actually really tasty. The onions were ours. The old aluminum cookie sheet is dented, stained and ugly but works well.


3. I made a toque. I used yarn I had lying around from previous purchases.


It is unbelievably crucial to be able to make things for yourself, from ingredients you have procured form yourself. Young people who don’t know how to cook, are being set up for struggle in the future.

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