First Plantings Of The Season

It’s not spring yet here – far from it, but there are already new plants growing in our house. We don’t usually plant this early but we were ready to see some new green happening here. Being a conserver and a seed saver, I started a container of chives seeds that were saved from our garden, without much hope of anything coming up. 

It is nice to see that the seeds were viable and started growing quite quickly actually. These plants will be transplanted and sold at our spring plant sale.


Another planting we made was a DATE seed of all things that I bit down on while eating dates. I did a quick search, which told me that it was possible to grow these as long as they weren’t irradiated. I planted it without much hope – one seed – and it is growing.

This date, if all goes well, will be added to our house plant collection, which is small now but growing, really.


Our lemon trees – two of them – planted last year are doing amazingly well. They love the sun, even in the summer and have thrived all winter in the lower light.


So this experiment on planting seeds has been successful, especially from a conserver homestead point of view.

Plant seeds, any, and enjoy.

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4 responses to “First Plantings Of The Season”

  1. Darlene & Ken says :

    There is something about seeing seeds sprouting that gives hope for spring. And as I watch the snow come down, I wait patiently for spring.

  2. carolee says :

    It’s only the flats of tiny green beings that keep me going during a long winter. Chives are so dependable. I don’t think in 46 years I’ve ever had a planting fail. I actually use more garlic chives than regular chives…grow them if you don’t already! They are just as easy and reliable and have a mild garlic flavor, perennial, pest free.

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