We Didn’t Change The Clocks – and it didn’t matter, at all.

This year is our second time not changing our clocks. The first time was a few years ago when we didn’t change into daylight savings time. That was a bit difficult because the period of time was so long and over the summer when there were lots of things going on and meetings happening. We had to keep one clock on the “correct” time in order to remember when events were. That became quite burdensome because we were always checking and re-checking the time. Again in November 2020, we stayed on daylight savings and I wrote about that experience.

This year, we stayed on Daylight savings time but for different reasons.

Our reasons are threefold:

We’re tired of doing something that doesn’t make any sense to us and actually causes stress.

It’s only for four months.

We’re ultimately removing ourselves from the system.

The first reason is actually something that I have heard many people talk about, that changing the clocks is silly, doesn’t make sense or doesn’t mean what it used to mean. Some people like having more light in the evening and I can understand that. That’s why we chose to stay on daylight savings and not the alternative.

Since four months is only a short amount of time it also assists in completing this challenge. It’s literally only four months. Why change the time?

Some of you will wonder about our second reason – leaving the system. This is something that most homesteaders consider and want to do to a degree, just by being homesteaders. It essentially means that ultimately we want complete self reliance and are no longer willing to participate in what is solidified in our minds as a negative way of living. Not changing the clocks is only one small part of the program. I have recently eliminated my credit card, which was our only one, since my husband never had one. Actually, he did get one many many years ago, but never used it, and then got a bill for a large sum. He promptly called the company, got the charge removed and cancelled the card.

Other things we are doing to leave the system are providing all our own food and water, and at some point in the future clothing as well. Anything that is connected to large businesses is being eliminated. maybe slowly but surely. We patronize local businesses only and if we can’t get it there we do without. Even this blog is part of what we don’t need. But I won’t address that topic further in this post since it would take up too much space to make clear what we’re doing.

For now, not changing our clocks has not caused any upheaval and we will continue to do this on our own. It actually looks like in the future, there will not be many events or meetings we will be needing to attend. Keeping track of the time to accommodate an outdated and frankly somewhat abusive system is not in our interest.

Happy self sufficiency!

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