Privacy Policy & Disclosure

Homesteading 101 is my personal blog and is written and edited by me, Anne Bachewich.

I respect your privacy and am committed to protecting it. This privacy policy is here to make sure you are aware of how your personally identifiable information is collected and used on this website/blog.

Voluntarily Submitted Information (for email notification of blog posts)

If you use the sign up form to receive notification of my blog posts by email you will be submitting your name and email. This applies whether or not you have a WordPress account. If you do not have a WordPress account I do not see nor do I have access to any of your information. If you have a WordPress account, I will be able to see your name/avatar and email address.

The only personal information I see is your name and email address that you enter if you post a comment.

If you are posting a comment on my blog you have likely made a WordPress account in order to comment. WordPress may do more with your submitted information so please read the WordPress (Automattic) privacy policy to learn how they may use your information.

I am able to see through WordPress very basic statistics of what country readers are coming from but no specific info on any particular viewer. It also shows me what links have been clicked on but I do not see who does the clicking.

Product Purchase

I do have E-BOOKS that can be purchased through PayPal links on my website/blog. If you purchase an e-book, I will see your name, email, and location through PayPal, no matter if you have a PayPal account or not. This is part of purchasing products through PayPal. The seller receives information about the purchaser in a notification that a product was purchased. Please refer to the privacy policy of PayPal before you use the service to buy my e-books or before creating an account with them.

Cookies are used on this site as stated in the banner below, and you can find out about the WordPress/Automatic/Jetpak cookie policy here or learn how to remove and block cookies here.

Homesteading 101 website/blog does not have a regularly sent our email newsletter, so no information is collected with regards to that. I also will not add your email to any email marketing lists as I do not have any. If you receive an email from me (through WordPress) you have signed up to follow my blog by email.


There are NO affiliate links on this website/blog and I do not receive compensation of any kind for reviewing products.  I also do not run ads on this website/blog for compensation.

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