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No Power? No Problem.

A few weeks ago the power went out for a couple of hours so I decided to make coffee on the propane burner in the garage – with the door open!

No need to worry about running out of coffee filters or not having a coffee maker. Yes we have propane in a can, but for emergencies like this one…used very seldom.


Make the Best Coffee

Here is a link to our latest how to video – making coffee.

The point of making coffee this way is not to get rid of your current coffee maker but to demonstrate that you don’t need anything complicated or expensive to make excellent coffee. Just a pot, coffee and a spoon. Oh and water and a heat source!

Make Your Own Ketchup

We make our own ketchup. It was is easy to do I will never buy any again. The taste is excellent especially with homegrown fried potatoes.

Ingredients for homemade ketchup:

Tomatoes – grow your own

Vinegar – make your own

Onions or onion powder – grow or make your own

Sweetener – we use honey sourced locally

Salt – buy or make your own

Optional: A dash of cloves – I use it because I have some already but I wouldn’t go out and buy any especially for this. Ketchup can be made without it. Be careful how much you use though – it is very potent.

The Method

Cook the tomatoes well and press them through a sieve to remove the seeds and skins if you haven’t already removed them.

Into the tomatoes add sweetener – lots. Ketchup is very sweet so taste test often as you add this.

Add the salt and vinegar. These will be added in less amounts than the sweetener.

Add the onions or onion powder. We use small multiplier onions. We add them by grating them on a very fine grater directly into the ketchup. That way you get the full flavour of the onion, but not chunks of it. It blends in nicely.

If you use cloves, add it last. Be SSSOOOO careful not to put too much. You only need a small DASH of it.

Add these ingredients to taste slowly. You won’t get the full flavour of the ketchup until it cools so this can be a long process.

Also Coffee…

If you like this you may want to try making coffee like our ancestors (settlers) did. In a pot.

Homemade Ketchup

You don’t need to buy a fancy machine or anything special except coffee. Just don’t boil it too long. One minute at a slight boil is enough. Strain out the coffee grains or don’t, It doesn’t matter. You can figure out what works best for you.

The best way to make coffee.




Only basic ingredients are needed.

Give these things a try and feel the satisfaction of being able to provide more for yourself with less from basic ingredients you grow yourself.

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