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Great Vintage Yard Sale Find!

This great waffle maker is decades old and was found by Ernie’s mother at a yard sale ages ago. We use it regularly. Homemade waffles are definitely worth making if you can. Our recipe comes from by baba’s old cookbook from 1958.

Here is the recipe:

1-1/4 cup flour – we use all whole wheat flour as it works just as well

2 tsp baking power

1 cup milk

2 egg yolks beaten thick

4 tbsp melted fat

2 egg whites beaten stiff

First whip up the egg whites in a separate bowl. You can do this by hand (takes a bit longer), or by machine. Then whisk flour and BP together really well. Combine milk, egg yolks and fat and mix well. Pour wet mixture into dry and stir until just mixed (don’t over mix). Then FOLD in egg whites. Cook on waffle iron.

We double this recipe when we make it so we have some to freeze. These waffles are even better when toasted. Eat with butter, maple syrup, fruit, nuts or whatever you like.



My Winter Onions

The onion that I planted a short while ago rotted in the container. So I took two more that had not sprouted yet and put them in. This is what happened. Hopefully they won’t rot:


No Power? No Problem.

A few weeks ago the power went out for a couple of hours so I decided to make coffee on the propane burner in the garage – with the door open!

No need to worry about running out of coffee filters or not having a coffee maker. Yes we have propane in a can, but for emergencies like this one…used very seldom.


Make Pasta at Home

It is often believed that it costs a lot to eat well. Part of the point of this blog is to prove that this is a myth. Eating well – or eating poorly is a matter of educating yourself on how to do this, not on how much you make.

This brings us to my lesson for today – PASTA.

Real pasta has has TWO ingredients – flour and water. I actually learned this method from a real Italian cook.

Take some water – about 1 cup and add flour until you have a dough. Roll out and cut into pieces or use a hand crank pasta machine if you have one or can find one at a yard sale or auction. The key to making it easily is to use enough flour when you are rolling out the dough so that it does not stick to everything. Then you must shake it off the pasta before you cook it.

Here are our lasagna noodles that we made two days ago.

It takes a little more time to make your pasta but you would do this in lieu of working more at a job away from home rather than IN ADDITION to your job. You always save money by doing things yourself. And the pasta tastes better.

Make the Best Coffee

Here is a link to our latest how to video – making coffee.

The point of making coffee this way is not to get rid of your current coffee maker but to demonstrate that you don’t need anything complicated or expensive to make excellent coffee. Just a pot, coffee and a spoon. Oh and water and a heat source!

Garlic Harvest 2012

Our garlic is being harvested and hung to dry. The crop is smaller this year due to the lack of rain and many headsĀ are small.

The garlic will be ready for purchase in a month.

Basil is ready to go as well.