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We’re Not Changing The Clocks Back This Time – Nov. 2020

I grew up in Central time, so I didn’t experience changing the clocks twice a year. When I moved to a location where there was a twice yearly time change, I accepted it and did it without complaint.

At some point while working away from home, I started feeling more effects from the time changes. But mostly I accepted these things especially since everyone else was, and what could we do about it anyway?

Since I started working from home, which has been 10 years now, I found the effects of the time changes were worse than when I worked away. The main reason for this is that it disrupted schedules. Working from home and running a house for me depends on a fairly tight schedule in order to get things done. This is likely because there are so many more distractions at home and I have to really focus to get the important stuff done. At a job away from home, most people are motivated by the thought of getting in trouble with the boss or losing their job if they don’t stick to the schedule, make a mistake or get their work done.

When the time changed, everything got messed up. When I was out at work, it was only less sleep that would really be an issue.

So, this time change – November 1 2020, we have decided NOT to change our clocks back one hour.

Why We’re Not Changing the Clocks

When I really thought about it, I realized that the change was only for a little over four months. There really didn’t seem to be any point. Why go through the mental and physical stress of a time change when the time period is so short. It doesn’t make any sense. Likely the four months left that are not day light savings time are just stragglers. It already looks like the world is moving towards getting rid of the time change.

Also, I personally feel that there need to be more of a move towards letting our bodies guide us in how we use our time, when we get up and go to bed. This can only be done when we are in tune with the natural light cycle, not dictated to by time, which is not actually natural.

Don’t mistake me for some one who doesn’t like being told what to do by authorities or a super independent thinker. This is purely to become more in tune with mother nature so that I can – hopefully – be as healthy as possible.

How It Will Work For Us

We have the ability to stay on one time without much trouble. We both work at home and have no outside obligations because of the closures of places and cancelling of events. So we don’t have to worry about being somewhere at a certain time.

Only one clock in the house will be on the altered time. The rest will be left as is, including Ernie’s wrist watch. We did this type of experiment once before about two years ago, but that was when we would have moved forward an hour. Ernie changed his watch then as well because he had volunteer commitments, but that made it difficult for him because he was really watching two different times.

This time since there is nothing pressing we have to do and nowhere to go, and it’s for such a short time, we’re going to try it.

I realize that this is not something that everyone can do and I’m not writing about this to brag that we can. The point of this post is to inform those who are interested in following a similar path how it worked for us, and perhaps to influence a permanent country-wide move to NOT changing clocks anymore. We have to attempt to see if it will make any difference to us and others. Every time there is a clock change, we hear on the news or elsewhere that changing the time results in issues for people – lack of sleep, increase in health issues and other things.

Maybe there is a reason now for the world to eliminate the time changes – I don’t know – but we’re going to find out for us anyway.