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Garden Flood

This year our spring has been rainy (and so has lots of other people’s). This was our garden two days ago. It has cleared out now, but in the past we have lost plants near the edge of the garden to excessive moisture. Maybe it will dry out completely soon.gardenflood

No Power? No Problem.

A few weeks ago the power went out for a couple of hours so I decided to make coffee on the propane burner in the garage – with the door open!

No need to worry about running out of coffee filters or not having a coffee maker. Yes we have propane in a can, but for emergencies like this one…used very seldom.


Homesteading Arts

OLD 45 & Shanty Gallery 

Here is a link to our new short soapmaking video.

We made soap at the end of August from the fat of a pig that fed us for over a year. This is our first soap making attempt in over ten years.

Even though there was fat on the surface after curing for 3 weeks, it is still usable soap. As it says in the video, there is almost never a complete

failure in soap-making.