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Homemade Zucchini Soup

Believe it or not the following soup is incredibly tasty. I found the recipe in an old cookbook of my aunt’s that she gave me. The flavour comes from the spices and onions.

Ingredients: Olive oil – but you can use butter as well. Slice onions and sauté them in the fat until soft. Then add a small amount of rosemary, basil, thyme, and salt. Chop up a medium potato into small pieces and add that. Finally add the zucchini to fill the pan and cook until soft. Taste when cooked to check for spice amounts. Don’t over do the rosemary most importantly. You can add pepper but be careful with it.

All of the ingredients in this recipe we grew in our garden except the olive oil and salt, obviously. If you have a small amount of animal fat you that you have saved you can use that instead, as it really doesn’t matter flavour wise.

See if you can find the dog hair in the soup picture.Image


Onion Update

Just a quick update on our container onions. Shown below are the onions planted in a plastic container along with some of our onions from our 2013 harvest. This year our large onions are not rotting in our cellar, likely due to the cooler weather he have had all winter. This has never happened before, but it is nice so we will probably have onions until late spring.


More Harvest!

How important is it to be able to grow your own food? HMMM. Or should I say  MMMMMM…..

The heat this year has brought us plenty of the above vegetables. These we eat right away or put away for the winter. Blanching  is occurring below. We are usually able to grow enough vegetables to last the entire winter. This would be post harvest – different for each vegetable – to the end of the following spring – about Mid-June. This year we still have carrots left and some beans.

The most important vegetable that we save is small onions or what some may call pickling onions. I will discuss this in the next post.