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Make Pasta at Home

It is often believed that it costs a lot to eat well. Part of the point of this blog is to prove that this is a myth. Eating well – or eating poorly is a matter of educating yourself on how to do this, not on how much you make.

This brings us to my lesson for today – PASTA.

Real pasta has has TWO ingredients – flour and water. I actually learned this method from a real Italian cook.

Take some water – about 1 cup and add flour until you have a dough. Roll out and cut into pieces or use a hand crank pasta machine if you have one or can find one at a yard sale or auction. The key to making it easily is to use enough flour when you are rolling out the dough so that it does not stick to everything. Then you must shake it off the pasta before you cook it.

Here are our lasagna noodles that we made two days ago.

It takes a little more time to make your pasta but you would do this in lieu of working more at a job away from home rather than IN ADDITION to your job. You always save money by doing things yourself. And the pasta tastes better.

Live More Simply – with dogs

There is no doubt about it Рliving simply and buying less helps protect our world. But at the same time, if we buy less stuff, someone out there, makes less money. Unfortunately, this has to be.

One of the things we do to buy less is to make stuff. That includes things for our dogs. We don’t buy dog cookies, we make them.

I have found that if I MAKE more things for myself, I NEED less money, so I can work less for others and do what feel right to me.

This brings us back to dog cookies.

When you make your own dog cookies (or your own food), you know what goes into them. Don’t get sucked into the “gotta save time” thing so you go to the store and get some quick. The recipe below is tried and true method. If your dog won’t eat them, he probably is eating too much to begin with.IMG_4947


Water from boiled meat

Whole Wheat Flour

Roll out thin and cut into desired sizes/shapes.

Bake at 350F until they are the color you like. Crispy is best.

That’s it.